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Employer Sponsored Clinics

Employer Sponsored Clinics

Imagine John, an employee at your company, isn’t feeling well. He is experiencing a headache when suddenly he becomes dizzy. He needs medical assistance. This sudden onset of symptoms has created a panic in the workplace. Concerned employees want to make sure he is cared for as quickly as possible. Luckily, you have a clinic close by that will see the employee immediately. As the physician checks John’s blood work, he discovers John has high blood sugar. The physician inquires about his diet, realizing it is greatly influencing John’s blood sugar. The physician walks through a diet plan, prescribes John a diabetic medication, and the employee is asked to check back in in a couple of weeks to retest his blood sugar.

Without the service of an employer sponsored clinic, this employee would have been in the Emergency Room. He may have been admitted with several different medications to fix the problem, but most likely would not have been asked about his lifestyle to find what is actually causing the problem. Not only would the employee remain unaware of the cause of his illness, but he could also face a financial burden from the copay or deductible of a hospital visit.

Employer Sponsored Clinics have come a long way with a variety of options. Smaller employers that want to take control of their healthcare spend are teaming up with other likeminded employers to share a clinic near their locations. With integrated quality primary care, low-cost labs, and prescriptions; this is a way to take your wellness program to the next level. Employers nationwide can reduce health care cost and worker’s compensation costs significantly while increasing employee health and satisfaction.

This one-stop-shop for employees can increase productivity by ensuring health employees remain healthy and chronically ill employees receive assistance and a plan to increase their overall health.

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