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Data Warehousing and
Data Analytics

In challenging times, good decision-making becomes critical. The best decisions are made when all of the relevant data available is taken into consideration. The best possible source for that data is a well-designed data warehouse to support your data analytics needs.

Data Warehousing

Is deceptively simple. Data is extracted periodically from the applications that support business processes and copied onto special dedicated computers. There it can be validated, reformatted, reorganized, summarized, restructured and supplemented with data from other sources. The resulting data warehouse becomes the main source of information for data analytics.

Data Analytics

Turns the massive amount of data saved in the data warehouse into easy to understand actionable information and alerts you to instant opportunities and problems as well as long term trends. It provides you with continuous feedback to help you track the effectiveness of your decisions.

Bailey & Company provides its clients with multiple options to support their data warehousing & data analytics needs. Contact us for more information.

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